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Service Delivery: OPTIMIZED

Service Management

Understanding exactly what services an organization provides drives all other actions related to people, process, and tools. We focus on helping organizations define their services, their service catalog, and the processes required to deliver those services to the satisfaction of the organization and the user of those services.

Sample Artifacts: Service Catalogs, Strategic Service Management Plans, Service Delivery Procedures and processes


Process Definition and Re-engineering

Processes and procedures make any organization function. The state of maturity of those processes varies greatly from organization to organization and from process to process. Hartwood’s works with organizations to determine the state of process development and to identify incremental modifications where appropriate as well as large scale re-engineering efforts as required in support of innovation and transformational activities.

Sample Artifacts: BPMN Process Diagrams, Process Documentation, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Cyber Security

Hartwood provides cyber security RMF process support, defensive cyber operation support, incident response, policy development, engineering, technical writing, and security training to assist system owners with FISMA, NIST, and all other applicable instructions, regulations, and orders.  Hartwood also provides STIG implementations and assessments for Accreditation efforts and overall cyber hygiene.


Sample Artifacts: POA&M, Integrated Test Plan, Implementation Plan, Dataflow Diagram, System Security Plan (SSP), System Requirements Traceability Matrix (SRTM), STIG Checklist (.ckl).


At the heart of all organizations is the need for ensuring that across the organization the appropriate skills and knowledge is developed to allow the appropriate resource to support the organization in the most effective manner. Hartwood designs, creates and implements Organizational Training plans that support organizational change as needed for new or revised Services, Processes and the supporting Information Technology.

We support training for individual projects and groups with training materials, post training support guides, and training sustainment plans as the tools and processes continue to evolve. Hartwood also works hard to ensure that training is not an isolated event but is integrated into the overall organizational culture to the degree required to maintain the skills and knowledge at the appropriate level within the organization.

Sample Artifacts: Training Plans; Training Materials; Desk Side Guides; Toolbox Tips; Instructor Led Training; Training Records

Strategic Communications

Promoting collaboration, building awareness, and educating organizational change stakeholders by a proactive and targeted development of key messages for delivery has been proven to provide any change initiative a greater chance for success. From the communications plan generation and the identification of the stakeholders to the creation of the communication products through to distribution we support organizations with all their strategic communication requirements.

Sample Artifacts: Strategic Communications Plan, Awareness Plan, Activity Matrix, Communication Materials (News Articles, Bulletins, Mass Emails)

Technical Writing

Taking the complex and making it simple is the core definition of Technical Writing yet at Hartwood we believe in just enough documentation at the time it is needed to allow our customers to deliver their services with the upmost professionalism and efficiency. In the rapidly changing technical and organizational realms, the method by which supporting documentation is generated, utilized and maintained is also changing. Hartwood incorporates technology as common as MS Word to more advanced integrated digital media management platforms to get the appropriate documentation at the appropriate level of detail to those who need it.

Sample Artifacts: Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), System technical specifications, Requirements Documentation, Integrated Help

Service Center Support

Providing personnel to answer the phone and reply to emails is a commodity. Hartwood supplies individuals that are trained to understand the services our customers provide, how the technology being supported supports the processes and people providing those services so our service desk support agents are able to more efficiency identify the service interruption, suggest options for work arounds, and accurately report the issue for resolution.

Sample Artifacts: Knowledge Center Articles, Metrics Analysis, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Records Management

Every organization generates records that need to be managed in compliance with organizational policy for the protection of the organization, and in many cases, in compliance with federal regulations and laws. We help organizations define policy for the identification, collection, management, and disposition of records. For government organizations, we assist with email record management, artifact identification from organizational processes, and provide support with the collection of records across the organization into a compliant records management system. We have working relationships with many data analytic tool providers to assist with the proper identification of mass quantities of artifacts in support of the records disposition management.

Artifacts: Records Management Policies, Records Management Processes, Records Management Training, Disposition reporting


Knowing the right tool and the right utilization of the tool is how Hartwood has integrated our SharePoint development and administration into the overall organizational process management. SharePoint has many capabilities and features that can be leveraged to support organizations with business process management, content management, and unique workflows. Hartwood has years of experience providing guidance, development and administration of SharePoint in support of government organizations.
Artifacts: SharePoint Design Documents

Knowledge Management

With an ever-increasing flood of information, data, and digital content combined with a more transitory workforce, government organizations are struggling to deal with their organizational knowledge. Hartwood works with organizations holistically to determine what information is generated from their service delivery, what information is needed for their supporting processes, and how that information needs to flow within the organizations. Moving forward to working within the organization to modify the thinking about, the utilization of, and the identification of knowledge by creating a KM framework that integrates into the day to day operations of the organization. From these activities, we can identify supporting technologies, training requirements, and potential areas where existing knowledge can be leveraged to generate new knowledge for the customer.
Artifacts: KM Strategy, Integration Plans, KM Framework

Organizational Change Management

Organizations that are not moving forward are falling behind. This is true for government organizations, especially in this era of rapidly advancing technology and changing missions. With any movement, comes change and for change to be as efficient and least disruptive as possible, it must be managed via a combination of planning, communication, leadership, and other supporting factors. Hartwood supports organizational leadership with the planning, implementation, and follow-up for changes both big and small while ensuring that the disruption caused by the change is managed while allowing the organization to continue to perform its core day to day requirements to deliver services.
Artifacts: Change Management Plan, Impact and mitigation analysis, Communication plan, Training plan