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We help Government organizational experts understand their services and systems better. Our highly certified experts procure a more cogent understanding by digging deep and asking questions most companies don’t know need to be asked. With this comprehensive understanding of people, process and tools we optimize service delivery for our customers. It takes expertise in service management to keep an organization running smooth while in transition to enhanced or new services.

Organizations know Hartwood will help them utilize what they have while getting the precise tools they need, so their organization is well suited to support the services they offer. They also know they have day-to-day business to attend to and can’t afford the downtime to delve into their services to the degree Hartwood can. We plan, implement, and train effectively to align all new processes and supporting systems with the way ahead.

When you choose Hartwood Consulting Group, you can be sure you’re getting the same highly certified experts of a larger firm, along with the special attention and detailed analysis only a small firm could provide.



Reed Siems

Chief Executive Officer

Partner, Reed Siems spearheads all Hartwood Consulting Group projects with a detailed focus on IT service management and the processes and resources being utilized to support organizational IT efforts. Reed is an efficiency expert focused on the organizational change management required for new technology, new processes, and new ways of thinking to be successfully deployed and integrated into government organizations.

Thad Ashe

Chief Operations Officer

Thad Ashe, a technological innovator and USMC service disabled veteran, co-founded Hartwood Consulting Group to provide forward thinking IT support to government organizations. He started providing reliable IT support during his active duty days and continues to support our government today. He retains the title of Subject Matter Expert (SME) and serves as our “brain trust” for identifying the right tools to support the people and processes that make government organizations successful.

At Hartwood, we are committed to serving our customers
with integrity, tenacity and a passion for excellence.